How to Send 1000 Messages at Once on WhatsApp?

Published: March 18, 2024
How to send 10000 message on WhatsApp

Are you tired of sending the same message to a large group of people one by one on WhatsApp? You may need a special tool to help you simultaneously send bulk messages to many people.

It is crucial for medium- or large-sized businesses and eCommerce store owners to constantly engage with their customers and inform them about exciting offers, upcoming products, events, and updates through WhatsApp.

But the problem is, how can you send bulk messages on the instant messaging app with a single click? Here, you’ll learn how to send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp.

Moreover, you will learn about WhatsApp Business API and how you can boost your sales by using the broadcast feature in your marketing workflow, so keep on reading.

What are WhatsApp bulk messages?

Bulk messaging, also known as WhatsApp broadcast message, is a popular practice for sending the same message to the entire community or group of people at once. A message appears in the private chat of receivers as if you have just written it directly and only for them.

Picture this: just write one message, hit send, and boom! Everyone you’ve chosen in the broadcast list gets the text simultaneously. The fact that nobody won’t see other people’s details and realize that they were part of such a bulk messaging campaign.

This feature was first designed for consumers, but it’s now also available for businesses.

If you’re running a business, a WhatsApp bulk messaging campaign can be very convenient, as it can save time, make communication more personal, and drive more engagement.

Remember, just like email and SMS, no one likes spam and junk messages in their chat inbox, so ensure that your messages contain meaningful texts and that customers agree to receive them.

This way, communication between the company and its customers becomes more efficient and reliable. Additionally, you could do this using the WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API.

Reasons to send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp

The straight answer is that if you can send bulk messages through WhatsApp, why should you be tiring out your fingers by typing the same message to your 1000 contacts?

Maybe not for personal use, but as a business owner or marketer, engaging with customers regularly on their favorite communication channel is a gold mine. And that can be done effectively via automation.

The following are five major reasons why every business must leverage bulk messaging techniques:

1. Save lots of time and effort

Let’s suppose your company has launched a new offer on a special day, and you have to tell a minimum of 300 people about it. Sending texts to them individually can be frustrating and takes lots of time, resulting in you being unable to focus on the main operations or tasks that put you in the red zone.

But what if you could type a greeting message, schedule it at the right time, and it would be sent to all your selected contacts automatically, without delay? This is where bulk messaging comes into play.

With this amazing feature, you can tell everyone at once, save lots of time and effort, and free up your support agents.

2. Reach a massive audience

The more people will get the message of your offers or new deals, the more conversions you’ll get, and that’s why every business chooses WhatsApp for communication as it provides advanced functionalities, and message broadcasting is one of its major features.

It helps you reach a wider audience for free because the WhatsApp Business app doesn't charge for sending messages unless you use the Business API.

3. Keep customers engaged.

We all know the importance of engagement with customers and building a strong relationship with them.

Businesses can use broadcast messages to share important news and keep customers aware of every insight into their business.

4. Recover abandoned checkouts

Have you ever felt the pain of abandoned checkouts? Simply put, as an e-commerce entrepreneur, knowing that a customer liked the product, I almost completed half of the process but suddenly disappeared without purchasing a product.

Through bulk messages, you can retain customers and get them back to the store by reminding them about their abandoned checkouts.

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5. Share new updates and product recalls.

Have you heard the term “message boomer”? Bulk messages work the same way; they let you share the message with all your customers at once.

It is very tough for companies to keep customers in the loop. And this message, Boomer, plays the role of a big billboard here.

How to send bulk messages on WhatsApp?

Do you want to send bulk messages on WhatsApp for business purposes? There are two proven ways to do it: through the WhatsApp API and the WhatsApp Business App.

Let’s delve into the details to see what works best.

WhatsApp Business App

If you have been using a normal WhatsApp account, you can’t unlock all the potential of this platform for your business; therefore, creating a WhatsApp business account is a must.

If you run a small business and your employees are enough to address each customer’s issue or don’t get many inquiries, sending bulk messages using the WhatsApp Business App is a cost-effective solution.

Here are the simple steps to send bulk messages through the broadcast feature:

  • Open WhatsApp Business:You need to have a business account to take action.

  • Select the broadcast option:At the top right corner, tap the three dots (...) and select the broadcast option.

  • Select recipients:Now it’s time to select your audience. Either you can search for contacts or add them manually to your broadcast list.

  • Create labels:WhatsApp Business lets you segment customers with labels within broadcast lists. WhatsApp’s labels can also be added to individual message bubbles. This way, you can easily screenshot the reviews, share them on social media, and make some changes accordingly.

    Moreover, you can also create a broadcast list for specific customers using labels to make the messaging workflow more efficient.

  • Hit the send button.Once your list is ready, tap on the send button, and your message will go out to everyone you selected in the broadcast list.

Understanding WhatsApp broadcast limitations in the App

You’ve learned how to use the broadcast feature. But wait, this is not as simple as it seems. There are certain limitations that you may face while using WhatsApp broadcasts.

  • The first limitation that comes to mind is that you can’t select more than 256 contacts in your broadcast list, which means the goal of sending 1000 messages at once seems impossible here.

  • Sending excessive messages simultaneously to users can increase the chances of your account being blocked.

  • You can only select the contacts in the list that you have saved on your device.

  • Businesses can only send pre-approved template messages and notifications through WhatsApp broadcasts. These template messages need to adhere to WhatsApp’s template guidelines.

  • WhatsApp Business doesn’t support third-party integration, so customizing the broadcast list or integrating it with CRM can be challenging.

WhatsApp Business API

Since Meta launched its Official Business API, it’s proven to be a game changer for large enterprises as it breaks all limitations that you face in the app and improves the communication system.

Getting access to the API is not easy for all businesses; it requires certain criteria to meet, technical experience, and money to pay per message you send.

Take note that the API doesn’t have an interface; therefore, you’ll need a third-party tool that can help you access the API and provide proper guidance about how to use it.

Implementing the WhatsApp Business API into your workflow can help you send 1000 messages to your customers instantly, as it allows companies to add more than 256 contacts to a single broadcast list.

Additionally, using this ultimate tool, you can send unlimited messages without getting banned, and it also helps you get a green tick on WhatsApp.

It also comes with some disadvantages, which we’ll talk about later.

Benefits of broadcast feature for sending 1000 WhatsApp messages

When it comes to communication, WhatsApp connects customers and businesses directly and allows them to chat in real-time. Here are the key advantages of using the broadcast feature to send a bunch of messages without any issues 👇 .

✅ You can send and handle high volumes of WhatsApp messages.

✅ Pre-made templates can save you time in crafting your message and speed up your work.

✅ You can easily import your contact lists and message templates.

✅ Reach out to a massive audience and spread more awareness about your next offer.

✅ Sends messages in the private chat of customers

✅ Drives high-engagement

✅ It’s free to use until you choose to use the WhatsApp Business API.

Send unlimited bulk messages on WhatsApp with Chatix

Chatix is the leading live chat and marketing app that provides ultimate solutions regarding WhatsApp marketing. You have to go through a complex process just to be eligible to send bulk messages.

Since the WhatsApp Business API has no front-end interface, you will need a trusted solution provider like Chatix. Easy to navigate and set up the process within minutes.

Just follow these simple steps and start broadcasting to your customers:

  1. Install the Chatix app in your eCommerce store from the Shopify app store.

  2. In the next step, upload the Excel file of your customers or the contact to whom you want to send the message. Make sure you’ve mentioned their name and phone number correctly!

  3. Select specific contacts to whom you want to send bulk messages by sorting them out or adding filters. You can also create a new segment and add labels with the name.

  4. After the segment creation, you can select the template message and make it personalized by adding variables (add the customer’s name, surname, or phone number to make it look professional and engaging).

  5. Now you’re all good to go and ready to launch your first broadcast campaign with the Chatix app.

  6. Another big thing is still not done, which is scheduling. Save your campaign and schedule it to be sent at a pre-set time.

  7. If you face any technical issue, support agents are always ready to address it. Give it a try!

Bottom line

So the question in everyone’s mind about how to send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp has been answered in complete detail.

Now that you’ve unlocked the secret of shooting messages at scale without any mistakes, you can launch your first broadcast campaign. It seems like an easy task, doesn’t it?

One thing to keep in mind is that bulk messages allow you to reach all your customers, spread massive awareness about your next deal or announcement, and keep your audience updated, but overdoing it can result in frustrating your customers, or your messages might just start getting lost in the crowd.

Never go into the ground until you’re ready, so plan, execute, and make changes! This slogan applies here. Segment your customers into different categories, craft a message that inspires users to take action, and launch it effectively.


1. Difference between bulk messaging vs WhatsApp groups

It might confuse you, but both concepts are different from each other. When you send a message in a WhatsApp group, everyone can see the message; even group members can see other people’s names and numbers.

On the other side, bulk messaging means sending a single message to multiple recipients at the same time. It's commonly used for marketing, announcements, or informational purposes.

2. What things to consider before sending WhatsApp bulk messages?

There are some essential tips that you need to consider before you blast out messages.

  • Understand who your audience is, and tailor your content to fit their preferences and needs.

  • Craft clear, concise, and straight-to-the-point messages.

  • Sending promotional messages all the time can make readers overwhelmed. You must balance sending promotional and informational messages to make strong bonds with customers.

  • Simple text messages can scan, causing users to avoid reading your messages. So use media-rich content or visuals in your message.

  • Adding personalization to your message can make customers feel special and valuable.

  • Don’t forget to track essential metrics like delivery rates, read rates, and response rates.

3. Is it legal to send WhatsApp bulk messages?

Yes, there is no problem with sending bulk messages to a large group of people as long as you are following WhatsApp’s policies and guidelines. Excessive use of this engagement technique can mark you as spam or make your account banned.


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