How to Sell Products on WhatsApp?

Published: February 21, 2024
how to sell products on WhatsApp

You searched “how to sell products on WhatsApp” on Google and found yourself on this page. Good for you! You’re about to learn the top ways to make a lot of money on this social platform without spending a dime.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has over 2 billion monthly active users, and the average user spends 33.5 minutes per day on the app. That’s a selling opportunity no brand can ignore.

Since WhatsApp Business launched into the market, selling products on this platform has been red-hot because of its advanced features and exponential engagement rate.

Already, millions of businesses are leveraging this instant messaging app to boost sales and drive more engagement, and you can do the same for your brand.

Are you excited to learn? Let’s dive into the details.

What is WhatsApp sales?

WhatsApp is more than just a messaging app. If you use it correctly, you can skyrocket your sales and revenue.

With a 98% message open rate—more than email—selling products or generating leads on WhatsApp can be easier and more efficient for marketers and business owners.

Moreover, most customers prefer WhatsApp as a support channel because of its reduced response time and personalized experience.

Using the WhatsApp Business API, you can use advanced features and functionality to make your brand stand out.

There are a lot of things you can do for WhatsApp sales, so let’s understand.

Why sell products or services on WhatsApp Business?

As we described in the introduction, WhatsApp is one of the most powerful marketing tools, holding 98 million users in the United States alone. This is a bigger audience base than other social media platforms.

From connecting and engaging with customers to displaying your full product catalog, WhatsApp offers a variety of advantages to companies.

Here are four advantages that you can’t ignore when using WhatsApp for sales.

  • Get more eyeballs on your product: The WhatsApp Business version has over 50 million active monthly users globally, which means you can spread more awareness about your new product launch and have more eyeballs on your product. Moreover, you can reach out to customers globally without any limitations. This makes sense, right?

  • Personalized direct communication: This platform allows for direct and personalized communication with your customer. Adding a human touch to messages and guiding customers in real-time in their purchase journey could increase the chances of getting more sales.

  • High open rates: There is no doubt that any text messages and media-rich content sent through WhatsApp has a 98% open ratio, which is higher than other communication channels.

  • Lower cost: A good thing is that WhatsApp and its business version are free to use. This is beneficial to small businesses and independent sellers who want a sales platform at no extra cost or effort.

  • Shorter sales cycle: Direct messaging communication allows you to sell directly to your customers via chat, making the sales journey easy and shortening the sales cycle.

However, the best reason to sell products on WhatsApp is that it is built for social networking and driving engagement.

9 ways to sell products on WhatsApp

Learning how to sell products or services on WhatsApp might seem intimidating at first, but it can be straightforward if you follow the steps below:

Remember, sales don’t happen overnight, it takes days, weeks, or months and efforts to close the deal. From improving engagement to customer experience in the sales funnel let’s break down those tips and strategies to make the most of WhatsApp sales.

1. Join WhatsApp seller groups

One of the best features WhatsApp offers is that you can create groups or customer communities, in which you can add as many members as you want.

You can also join selling groups on WhatsApp that are created by sellers, where you can use group chat to sell any items online by just sharing the link and some product details.

Not only that, you can also announce new product launches, business updates, and new offers and solve users' queries.

2. Automate messaging workflow

Why should you complete the task manually when you do it automatically? Watch your chat daily, respond to customers' common questions often, forward messages to the right colleagues, and so on.

Do you get tired of these repetitive tasks? Go with automation instead. By automating messages, you can streamline the customer support system, sales, marketing, and the list goes on.

Automated messages are pre-defined replies that are automatically sent to incoming responses from prospective or existing customers on WhatsApp. The responses are sent without the need for any assistance from a human agent.

You can set up an automation workflow and a trained chatbot that automatically answers frequently asked questions of users or sends a series of messages to your prospect at a decided time, resulting in increased customer engagement and conversions.

3. Leverage the broadcast feature

WhatsApp Business Broadcast is the most recommended feature that you can use through the Business app or WhatsApp Business API.

Once you start gaining an audience, you’ll have to respond to more leads or send messages. This can get time-consuming and expensive.

But the WhatsApp broadcast feature lets you send the same message to multiple contacts at the same time. And the most interesting thing is that this message appears in the private chat of users, which makes this feature different from WhatsApp groups.

You can send a new offer or promotion message to all your contacts and generate more sales through WhatsApp.

4. Provide personalized support

Utilizing personalization in your support or communication services can be an effective approach to onboarding new customers and getting more sales on WhatsApp.

Just because the message is automated or sent through chatbots doesn’t mean you have to come off as a robot. We would advise you to always sound as human as possible and provide personalized support by using the customer’s name.

Additionally, the use of emojis, referring to previous interactions and greetings, makes your message more professional, engaging, and genuine.

5. Add a WhatsApp chat widget to your website

After all, WhatsApp has always been the first choice for customers when it comes to communication or support services.

Integrating a WhatsApp chat widget on your website won't get you sales directly, but it can be a bridge between the customer and the support team.

Through this widget, Initiating conversation and asking questions to solve purchase-related questions can be easier for visitors, which can lead to increased sales and better customer relationships.

So selling on WhatsApp is an easy thing to do if your support is top-notch.

6. Set up quick replies

Do you get tired when you have to frequently answer the most common questions from customers, like what is in the new deal, what are your business hours, and how to track your order?

The solution is to set up quick replies on WhatsApp. They are pre-set responses to common questions that you can send out by typing short commands.

The advantages of this feature are that companies can save time, effort, and labor by preparing template messages for common responses. Sending instant responses and solving their queries can increase the chances of customers buying the product.

7. Create a product catalog

If you don’t have a website to sell products online, don’t worry. WhatsApp Business allows you to set up a product catalog. You can list all the products on your WhatsApp Business profile, which leads users to browse and make purchases directly from your profile.

With the WhatsApp catalog, people can learn more and purchase your products directly from the app or click through to complete the order on your e-commerce store.

You can also share a unique shop link and invite contacts to view your items.

It also comes with heavy features like a photo gallery, service listing, chat, and payment integration that make it easier for small businesses or individuals to sell products on WhatsApp.

8. Provide new offers or giveaways

Your customers want to buy the product, but they need something that inspires them to finish the purchase journey.

It could be anything, such as the latest offers, big discounts, or unique selling points. Running contests and giveaways can help you expand your reach and drive more engagement.

9. Send interesting content

Remember, it's not only you who sends promotional broadcast messages to customers regularly, aiming for sales; your customers could also get such messages from your competitors.

So the problem is why customers should read your message more than others. The solution is to share valuable and interesting content.

Relevance is the key. WhatsApp isn’t about communication and selling products; it’s about how you can engage with your customers. Analyze your audience's behavior, figure out what they want, and identify unique points of sale (USPs) that make users focused and engaged with your brand.

Don’t just share promotions; send educational content related to your product and niche. Also, contribute to increasing your audience’s knowledge. This is what will help you captivate them.

Set up a WhatsApp Business profile for your brand

Before you go for advanced, we need to cover the basics first. Setting up a WhatsApp business profile is essential for showcasing your business and interacting with customers.

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Here are the steps you can follow:

  2. Create a profile and verify your business phone number.

  3. Add your business details, including your logo, description, address, contact information, open and closing hours, etc.

  4. The most important thing is choosing the relevant category.

  5. Set up a catalog to showcase your products and services. This allows customers to browse and make purchases directly from your profile.

  6. Send greeting messages and quick replies to streamline customer interactions or greet customers.

  7. Getting Your Account Verified. Having a green tick next to your business’s name can help boost confidence and trust among your customers.

Take a look at Bummer’s WhatsApp business profile:


Automate WhatsApp selling with Chatix

Following the steps described above takes time and is hard to apply. Getting all these strategies done manually can be difficult for one person and sometimes becomes a headache.

How to sell products on WhatsApp seems complex. Well, it doesn't have to be complicated unless you have the right direction and partner that breaks all limitations and supercharges sales growth for you.

No one can take the place of Chatix when it comes to WhatsApp marketing and communication. It has various features like sending bulk messages, running marketing campaigns, team inboxing, and broadcasting.

Chatix’s team inbox function makes it easy for support agents to manage customer inquiries, respond faster, and streamline communication.

The app is built for Shopify, and luckily, they can boost their store growth and enhance the customer experience in the sales journey.

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How to sell on WhatsApp FAQs

1. How do I sell my product on WhatsApp?

Looking for how to sell on WhatsApp?

Well, WhatsApp is more than just a chatting platform; it’s a platform where businesses can connect, engage, communicate, solve queries, and sell products online.

Here are some steps to make this happen:

  • Turn your account into a WhatsApp Business account.

  • Edit your profile and add essential details about your business.

  • Create shoppable posts for your customer list.

  • Send a broadcast message to drive more engagement.

  • Check and track the campaign’s performance.

2. How do I announce sales on WhatsApp?

If you're willing to launch a new product or the latest update, surely you'll have to send an announcement message to everyone on WhatsApp, but how?

Announcing on WhatsApp can be easy with the help of the broadcast feature and various marketing campaigns.

We’ve covered a complete guide on how to send broadcast messages on WhatsApp; make sure to check it out.

3. Can you sell directly on WhatsApp?

You can’t sell directly on WhatsApp, but you can use this platform as a medium to spread awareness about your business and engage and communicate with customers. Additionally, you can also create a custom catalog and display up to 500 pieces of product information, such as cost, description, purchase link, and so on.

4. Does it cost to sell on WhatsApp?

Mostly, no. The WhatsApp Business app is free to use and doesn’t charge to use its features, but it has certain limitations. You can use the WhatsApp Business API, which you can get access to from third-party sites that charge you.

5. What mistakes to be avoided when selling on WhatsApp?

Some common mistakes should be avoided to get maximum output from these strategies.

  1. Don’t try to sell all the time.

  2. Never make your customers overwhelmed with mess messages.

  3. Ignoring user feedback

  4. Send broadcast messages instead of creating groups.


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