WhatsApp Integration with Website [Complete Guide]

Published: February 2, 2024
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We all know that WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging application where users can instantly chat with anyone, but do you know that WhatsApp is one of the most convenient and ideal channels for customers and businesses when it comes to conversations with each other, streamlined customer communication, scale support, and increased sales?

Therefore, integrating the WhatsApp chat widget and support system into the website becomes crucial for businesses of all sizes. If you are here in search of WhatsApp integration with website or how to add a WhatsApp chat widget to your website, you are on the right site.

In this guide, we’ve covered 5 ways to embed WhatsApp chat in websites, including coding and no-coding ways, so read one to learn more.

Benefits of WhatsApp Chat Integration with Website

Converting website visitors to customers is essential to any business, so most companies will do whatever they need to boost their chances of conversions.

One study found that adding live chat to your website can improve conversions by 12%. So no business can ignore this huge factor.

Below, we’ve shown some interesting benefits that will help you integrate WhatsApp live chat support into your website.

  • Generate more leads and sales.

    Somewhere, you may have heard the term "support-after-sales." If a customer has bought something from your website, that doesn’t mean they won’t purchase from you again.

    Adding WhatsApp chat to your website allows you to communicate with your customers before and after-sales. You can send promotional or new offer-type messages, regularly follow up, provide instant answers to any questions, and provide additional information to bring users back to your site and get more revenue from existing customers.

    Whether you want to generate more leads or sales, you can directly interact with potential leads or customers and give them what they’re looking for.

  • Create personalized support

    When it comes to fast, convenient, and personalized support channels, WhatsApp comes to the top of the list, as it has over 2 billion monthly active users and average users spend 33.5 minutes per day on the application.

    Most customers want an immediate response to their inquiries, so sending automated messages through a chatbot or providing instant support to users may lead to more conversions and increase trust for your brand.

    By using the official WhatsApp business API, you can send personalized messages in bulk on WhatsApp without any human error, wasting more time and resources. That makes your support system 4X faster.

  • Create a messaging workflow

    Using WhatsApp automation tools, you can create a custom messaging workflow or send automated sequences of messages in the user's chat box.

    The messaging workflow could include customer onboarding, event reminders, product launch updates, and broadcasts. After things get done automatically, employees can get more time, control their workflow, increase productivity, and reduce the occurrence of errors.

    In short, businesses can build strong relationships by engaging with customers regularly.

  • Get in touch during the customer journey

    If you, as a business owner, want more leads or sales, you have to walk with customers and be involved in their journey too.

    WhatsApp is a free app we all use to chat with our friends and family whenever we want. By using it from a marketing perspective, you can build personal relationships with customers. Big companies are already doing this; you should too.

  • Increase scalability

    Embedding WhatsApp support buttons on your website improves scalability by allowing businesses to handle many customer queries and requests personally.

    For example, with automation, companies can set up a messaging workflow and train chatbots to quickly respond to customers and resolve issues, making them feel more supported.

  • Recover abandoned carts

    When users land on the product page, add it to the basket or cart but suddenly leave the site without purchasing, known as abandoned carts, which is the most frustrating and embarrassing thing for eCommerce store owners.

    Through the WhatsApp live chat system, you can send discounts or promotional messages as reminders and encourage them to come back to the website to finish the product purchasing process.

    Not just that, you can also retarget them to purchase more products. This can be a precious and powerful marketing strategy.

    For example, Chatix’s broadcast feature allows them to customize pre-made templates and send messages to all customers segregated into tabs, making the process faster and more efficient.

4 Ways to WhatsApp integration with website

WhatsApp chat integration with your website is more complex than it seems. There are four ways to apply the WhatsApp chat page to your website:

Let’s dive into an explanation.

1. Sticky WhatsApp button (widget)

If you visit some service-based or local business websites, you might have seen a "floating" WhatsApp button (widget) in the lower corner of the screen. With just one click, a WhatsApp chat icon with the name itself and a call-to-action message immediately open on a small window screen.

You can see an example in the image below. Typically, a chat widget appears, and when you click on that, a chat window will open with a question message, prompting you to click on the ‘Start chat with us’ button.

To add this type of WhatsApp chat widget to your site, simply follow the below steps:

If your website is designed on any content management system like WordPress, install a plugin for the WhatsApp button widget that is compatible with its functionality.

Link your phone number to the widget and customize its appearance, like icon color, size, and text.

Test it and see whether it’s working or not.

2. Add Chatix - WhatsApp chat app


Now the most effective and better way to integrate WhatsApp live chat on your website is by adding an app called Chatix. It is a WhatsApp chat and abandoned cart recovery app that can be easily integrated with websites with just one click.

When you install and activate this app, it will appear as a widget on your website, but it has multiple features like WhatsApp chat, FAQs, order tracking, and a contact form where users can get personalized support.

Other advanced features that Chatix offers businesses are that they can send manual and automated WhatsApp messages for abandoned cart recovery, order confirmation, COD verification, reminders, and product updates.

It’s the most effective method among others. But there is only one limitation to this app: it is only available for Shopify stores.

3. QR code

Just imagine how disgusting it would be for any company if their customers had to go through a long process to just start a conversation or chat.

To start a normal chat on WhatsApp, the customer has to take the following steps:

  • They have to explore websites or social media accounts to find the company’s phone number.

  • Next, they have to save a contact number with the company’s name on their device to make it easy for them to find you from hundreds of contact lists.

  • In the end, they have to search for your name again on WhatsApp to start a chat with you.

  • It is not a long or technical process, but it's also not a feasible way for any company to build relationships with customers.

To address such issues, companies have started using WhatsApp QR codes for chatting. They create the code and place it on their website to make conversation quick, easy, and effective.

There are many online QR code generator websites available that turn click-to-chat links into QR codes easily.

This technique is most effective, especially for traditional marketing. For instance, customers can easily scan QR codes printed on flyers, posters, or visiting cards, making chatting straightforward.

4. WhatsApp click-to-chat link

How would you react if we said you could directly send messages to another person or business via WhatsApp? Yes, this can be possible through the click-to-chat function.

It means you can create a link to a WhatsApp chat that includes your phone number, and then you can paste a link anywhere on your website, and when visitors click on the link, the conversation opens automatically.

You can also paste the link on your website as a hyperlink with text, navigation buttons, and a clickable image.

This feature is useful because users can start communication with a company directly without saving their number. It’s fine if you have a single-page website, but for multi-page websites, sharing such links on every page will make your website look messy and unprofessional.

You can manually generate click-to-chat links by editing this link: https://wa.me/[YourNumber]. Simply replace “YourNumber” with your phone number.

How to automate WhatsApp chat for quick replies

Customers will wait for a week for the product to arrive at their doorstep, but when it comes to conversations on WhatsApp, they want instant replies to their queries.

Do you know that a quick reply or support is one of the best ways to make customers satisfied? Delays in response make them upset and frustrated.

Here are some best practices you can follow.

Quick FAQs

People often have some questions in their minds about your business, like office hours, order cancellation, order confirmation, and return policy, and by answering these common repetitive questions, your support team will also get frustrated.

To solve this problem, you can set up quick messages or static FAQs for these common questions to save you valuable time.

Set up auto-replies

If you're unavailable to respond immediately, setting up instant auto-replies can let your customers know that you’ve got their message and will get back to them soon.


Things get messy when lots of messages are coming in and you can’t sort them out or manage them as well. By creating common rules, you can automate the process and save time.

AI Chatbots

If you want an agent who can work 24/7 and provide seamless support, create chatbots. It can chat with customers and answer each question automatically.

How to integrate WhatsApp into a Shopify store

Luckily, if your website is built on Shopify, adding WhatsApp chat to your Shopify store is quite an easy process. There is no need to go through the technical process, and there is no need for the developer’s help. Just install one app, and you’re ready to go!

Just go to the Shopify app store, search for any WhatsApp live chat apps, and click on the install button.

This can be done within a few minutes, and you can even connect your business to the WhatsApp Business API and unlock all the features that will boost your business.

If WhatsApp is a key support and communication channel for your business, Chatix is like a blessing for all Shopify store owners. Just install this app, play with the automotive workflow and message template, and fall asleep without any fear.

It will handle all the tasks for you and enhance the customer experience.

Final words

We’ve covered a variety of methods for WhatsApp integration with websites, and some of them are not all best practices.

WhatsApp chat on your website optimizes your customer service workflow overall, ensuring your customer service interactions are positive and helpful and your team isn’t overloaded or losing time to repetitive manual tasks.

Whether it could be for personal or business purposes, in today’s time, WhatsApp has become a fundamental and convenient tool to communicate for everyone; therefore, implementing WhatsApp as a support system has become necessary for all businesses.

At Chatix.app, we are dedicated to helping Shopify store owners grow by enhancing their customer experience and streamlining the support process as efficiently as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does WhatsApp API integration work?

APIs connect two programs, like integrating your website with the WhatsApp Business API, offering more functionality to send bulk messages and automate workflows.

Through third-party tools, you can easily get API access, unlock all the potential features of this widely used messaging app, and grow your business.

2. Will I have to pay to add a WhatsApp button to my website?

It depends on what type of service you’re using, like adding the button itself or click-to-chat, which typically won't be charged.

However, if you are using the official WhatsApp Business API for medium- or large-sized businesses, it might come with costs, depending on the volume of uses, messages, or CRM solutions you integrate.

3. How can I automate WhatsApp chat?

To set up automated messages and predefined answers, you’ll need a WhatsApp Business API or CRM system that allows you to create custom chatbots and provides auto-replies to customers' queries.

4. Is it beneficial to add a WhatsApp widget to my website

Absolutely! Adding a WhatsApp widget to your website is beneficial for all businesses because it can help you engage with customers directly and improve customer relationships and retention rates. If you’re a Shopify user, Chatix will automate all your repetitive tasks so you can focus on other important tasks.

5. What are the different methods to integrate WhatsApp into my website?

There are five methods to integrate WhatsApp into your website: 1. WhatsApp Click-to-Chat Link, 2. WhatsApp QR Code, 3. Customized WhatsApp Chat Widget/Button, 4. WhatsApp Pop-up Form, and 5. WhatsApp Business API.


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