WhatsApp Interactive Message: A Definitive Guide

Published: April 04, 2024
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No one thought that people could interact with the messages you send on WhatsApp Business. In the past, WhatsApp was the only tool for sending instant text messages, sharing documents, and video calling to someone worldwide, but when its business version was introduced, the game entirely changed.

Not only for personal purposes, but businesses can also use the WhatsApp Business app for communication with customers and promotional purposes. It provides various features that can level up your communication system.

WhatsApp interactive messages come to the top to fuel WhatsApp marketing, engage with customers, and build strong relationships with them.

In this guide, we’ll talk about WhatsApp interactive messages, message types, the setup process, amazing examples, and more.

So keep on reading to learn more.

What is WhatsApp interactive message?

Simply put, WhatsApp interactive messages are one of the best features of the WhatsApp Business API, allowing users to select interactive buttons to reply to and chat with businesses.

These messages are different from plain text messages; they include some interactive elements like clickable buttons or quick reply options.

This feature is designed to significantly achieve higher response rates and speed up the communication process. Imagine how efficient and faster communication would be, as your customers wouldn’t have to type on the keyboard just to reply.

They can easily select any button or option to make their choice. The complete process will be run through automation, saving time and effort.

How to set up WhatsApp interactive messages

Setting up WhatsApp interactive messages using Chatix is straightforward and simpler; even a non-technical person can do this.

You can only send interactive messages through the WhatsApp Business API, but it doesn’t come with its interface, and getting approval is not easy. Therefore, you’ll need the help of a third-party solution provider like Chatix, an app for the Shopify store. All it takes is a few steps to set up.


Follow the steps below to set up and connect with your customers right away.

  • Go to app settings.

  • Open up the broadcast section and click on the button.

  • There, you can send bulk messages to the largest groups of customers at the same time. Also, you can choose templates, customize them, and schedule the message.

  • Scrolling below, you’ll find an additional feature that allows you to attach custom buttons with messages.

  • Here you can select a total of 3 numbers using buttons, including “Visit site," “Phone number,” and “Coupon code.”

  • After that, you can easily schedule your message or instantly send it to customers.

Additionally, Chatix provides a detailed analytics feature where you can measure your performance and get the most out of WhatsApp marketing.

Types of WhatsApp Interactive Messages

If you want to send interactive messages that can help you improve your engagement rate and more visits to your website, there are certainly four types of WhatsApp interactive messages that you use through the WhatsApp Business API solution provider.

List messages

In the simplest terms, this type of message contains a list of a maximum of 10 options or items. List messages offer multiple selection options to consumers, where they can select their go-to option and engage with a business.

List messages are used for the following purposes:

  • Provide an FAQ menu

  • Selection of nearby shops and locations

  • Available reservation time slots

  • Choosing a recent order to repeat

Quick reply buttons

Messages with interactive reply buttons can speed up the communication process with customers and lower the response rate. These messages include up to three reply buttons. This type of message offers a quicker way for the recipient to get the answer immediately.

Single product messages

This interactive message is sent with a single product or item from a business’s inventory. You can learn more about sharing products with customers here.

Catalog Messages

If you’re running an eCommerce business and most sales come from WhatsApp alone, sending a catalog message could get you more sales. This type of message allows you to showcase your product catalog entirely within the WhatsApp chat.

Catalog messages display one product thumbnail, personalized body content, a fixed text header, a fixed text sub-header, and a View catalog button.

Benefits of interactive messages for businesses

Look at the potential benefits of WhatsApp interactive messages for businesses.

Increased customer engagement and interaction

Setting up automated responses with interactive messages can supercharge customer engagement and inspire them to interact with your business. Moreover, it is a convenient way for customers to reply with just one click, making communication faster than ever.


One of the best ways to make customers feel more valued is to add personalization to the message. Including the names of your customers can make them feel more valued and engaging.

Faster support

Interactive messages with automated responses can lead customers on their purchasing journey. marketing processes by reducing wait times, leading to reduced customer support costs and workload.

Reduced support costs

Setting up interactive messages on WhatsApp can automate customer inquiries and lower support agents' workloads.

Higher conversion rates

Reading plain text messages can make your customers bored, but sending messages with quick reply buttons like “Buy Now” or “Learn More” can inspire your customers to click on them, boosting sales and conversion rates.

Improve credibility and efficiency

Providing better support and solving customers’s queries instantly is the key to any business, as it increases credibility and efficiency. Additionally, trust plays a vital role in retaining customers in the store.

🎇Check it out: How to increase revenue from retention marketing.

Performance insights

The good news for you is that you can also get the option to track the results and measure the performance. Data-driven insights like link click rate, message reading, and open rate can help you understand whether you’re on the right track or not.

Reduces mistakes

Through the WhatsApp Business API, you can automate communication and messaging workflows to provide consistent customer experiences, resulting in no human errors or mistakes.

Global reach

With over 2 billion active users of WhatsApp, one of the best benefits of WhatsApp interactive messages is that you can reach customers worldwide and get more eyeballs on the message you send.

Cost and time-effective

Last but not least, WhatsApp Business is free to use for marketing and communication unless you go for an API. You don’t need to spend a dime for setups and reach out to large groups of people.

5 examples of interactive messages

Here are some examples of WhatsApp interactive messages that you can use for different scenarios in your next campaign.

Order Confirmation (Retail industry)

If you have been running a retail or e-commerce business, you can use interactive message templates to get multiple tasks done at one time, such as order confirmation, tracking deliveries, and providing customer support.

Hello [Customer Name]! 👋 Thanks for making purchasing and your order [#Order Number] has been confirmed. 🎉 You will be delivered by [Delivery Date]. 🚚 Would you like to:

Track your order 📍

Browse more items 🛍️

Contact customer support 📞

Appointment reminder (Healthcare industry)

If you’re a doctor running healthcare, a therapist, or a yoga teacher and a customer has booked an appointment, you can send them interactive message templates for appointment scheduling and reminders. This message includes interactive options like confirmation, rescheduling, and cancellation.

Hi [customer name], this is a reminder for your appointment with [person’s name] on [date] at [time]. 📅 Choose the options below if you want to:

Confirm Appointment


Cancel Appointment

For additional services (Banking industry)

Interactive messages can also be used for upselling; for instance, if the customer has bought something from you, through interactive options, you can give them a nudge to buy more. More likely, the retailing industry, banking industry, and financial institutions can leverage this feature.

Hi [customer name], Thanks for ordering [product name]. We have more similar products that you would like to explore.

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Course details (Education industry)

Utilizing WhatsApp interactive message templates for the education industry is like the cherry on top. You can add a menu-style function to the greeting message and help students find the important details straight from the chat.

Hello [student name], Thanks for enrolling in [course name]. We’ve shared everything you need to know about it. Enjoy the course!

View course price

Set a course schedule

Cancel the course

Difference between simple text message and interactive message

People get confused between simple text messages and interactive messages, but now it won't seem confusing anymore.

A simple WhatsApp message contains body content, images, videos, or emojis that look professional but are not very engaging. On the other side, interactive messages contain text with images and interactable buttons. Your customers can click on the buttons and get the relevant answer quickly.

You can easily set up automated simple text messages using WhatsApp Business for free and to set up interactive messages, you need to get access to the Official Business API, which you have to pay for.

Send WhatsApp interactive message for Shopify store with Chatix

Now you know how powerful WhatsApp interactive messages are for your business growth, but how do you take it to the next level? To unlock all limitations and help business owners make the most of their messaging campaigns, Chatix came into play.

If you’re a Shopify store owner and want to boost your sales, good news for you! The Chatix app is always here to help you out.

Installing it in the store and setting up the messaging workflow is simpler, faster, and more efficient.

Explore advanced features and ready-to-use templates to elevate your business communication on WhatsApp through Chatix.

Final words

WhatsApp is one of the best communication channels and is one step ahead of others due to its active audience base, advanced features, and ability to run powerful marketing campaigns.

Sending simple text or visual messages is best, but making them interactive by adding the choosable option can make WhatsApp marketing campaigns more engaging, result-driven, and effective

This was about how to set up interactive messages on WhatsApp, craft beautiful messages for your business, and track the results.


What are WhatsApp Interactive Messages?

WhatsApp interactive messages are game-changing for customer support. It allows customers to interact with messages through buttons or quick replies and get automated responses.

Why are WhatsApp interactive messages important?

By sending interactive messages on WhatsApp, users can quickly get responses. These messages streamline communication and improve the customer experience, leading customers to finish their buying journey.

Is using interactive messages for WhatsApp free?

WhatsApp Business is a completely free and cost-effective channel for businesses, but to break its limitations for large businesses, there are costs associated with the Business API. You can collaborate with API solution providers and easily access it at an affordable cost.

Can you add more than three buttons to the interactive message?

No at the moment! You can create a maximum of three buttons that users can choose from to reply quickly to your message. Each button can contain up to 25 characters and 4 words

Are WhatsApp interactive messages suitable for all types of businesses?

Businesses across various industries use WhatsApp to communicate and build relationships with customers. From education to eCommerce and national and international WhatsApp interactive messages, they are one of the most effective features to use for all types of businesses.

What is the best way to set up interactive messages for WhatsApp?

To get access to the WhatsApp Business API, using a third-party platform or CRM is the best and most convenient way to set up interactive messages for your business. Also, it is more affordable for every business.

Do I need technical skills to set up WhatsApp interactive messages?

The straight answer is no. You don’t need technical skills to set up WhatsApp interactive messages unless you’re trying to set them up directly through the WhatsApp Business API by yourself. To use an API, you need a basic understanding of coding, or you may require help from a technical person or professional.

Can I schedule WhatsApp interactive messages?

Absolutely yes! You can choose a pre-made template, customize it according to your needs, and schedule it to be delivered at a specific time.


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