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Message template for E-Commerce

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The e-commerce industry has been rapidly growing, and it’s projected to reach $8 trillion and account for 23.6% of all retail activity by 2026. Since customers have shifted their focus to online purchasing, many small and large businesses have turned to selling products online.

When it comes to running a successful e-commerce store, improving customers’ shopping experience and making their purchasing journey easier by providing instant support is the key to every online business.

However, manually sending messages to your customers can be extremely time-consuming and the most tedious task.

Therefore, we’ve developed a wide range of template libraries for e-commerce stores that you can easily use for your work.

Look at the template library and start sending more messages in less time.

6 best WhatsApp templates for e-commerce

People tend to open WhatsApp eight times a day and spend an average of 30 minutes there. The chances of opening your chat and reading messages are higher than those of e-mail and SMS.

Running WhatsApp marketing campaigns for e-commerce is a great way to drive traffic and engagement.

Look at the example below.

Message template for product promotions

Hey [customer name], 👋

Luckily, we’re coming with a great discount that you may not want to miss out on.

Get 15% off on all products and 10% off on combos.

Hurry up! The offer closes soon.

Place Order

Message template for the new product launch

Hello, [customer name] 👋

We’ve updated our product range and come up with a new variety of products that you may like.

Be the first, and never miss an opportunity. 😊

Limited stocks—hurry!

Message template for order confirmations

It is essential to send an order confirmation message to assure your customer that they’ve successfully made a payment and that you’ve received their order.

Here’s the message template.

Hey, [recipient name],

We’ve received your order successfully.

View your order details and more here [Order Status].

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at [contact link].

Message template for a free shipping offer

Hey there! 🚚

Now shopping has become more exciting.

Get free delivery on your next order this weekend! Shop worry-free now!

Buy Now

Message template for reviews and feedback

Feedback and reviews are everything in business. The study suggests that 93% of consumers buy products after reading their feedback and reviews. They are powerful marketing and sales tools, but getting them isn’t always as easy as you’d like.

Encouraging your customers to leave reviews on your products or services requires the right strategy.

Here are some templates you can use:

Dear [customer name],

It’s been a week since your order was delivered.

We are excitedly waiting to listen to your feedback. It would take only one minute.

You can share your thoughts here [URL].

Message template for limited-period promo code

Hey [customer name], 👋

Use code [code] to get 20% off your purchase!

Valid for 3 days only. 📆 Place your orders now!

Message templates for referrals

You can send messages asking for referrals. It is an effective way to drive more sales.

You can also encourage customers to purchase by offering a discount if they refer someone else.

Hi there, [Recipient_name]!

Thank you so much for choosing to shop with [shop name].

If you've enjoyed your latest purchase with us, share your unique promo code [discount_code] with up to five of your friends!

They get to enjoy 10% off their first purchase with us, while you get 50% off!

T&Cs apply.

Browse the library of WhatsApp message templates

Explore our wide range of WhatsApp message template libraries and use them for your business. You can easily customize these templates and create the best one that meets all your requirements.

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