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6 Best Message Templates For Payments

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Do you know that WhatsApp has a 98% open rate (compared to a mere 20% for emails), and customers are more likely to read, engage, and interact with your messages?

This means sending billing reminders, payment summaries, or simple payment confirmations to your customers over WhatsApp can be a great way to keep them informed.

However, manually sending individual messages can be time-consuming. That's why using message templates can help speed up the process and reduce manual work. Plus, using templates ensures consistency in your communication with customers.

Here are the best payment message templates that you can use for marketing! 👇

Message templates for opt-ins

When a client chooses to receive payments, it's important to send them a brief message acknowledging their successful opt-in.

Here is the message template:

Hey, [customer name]

Thanks for sending payment to [Company Name].

We’ll start sending you payment reminders the day before they’re due.

WhatsApp message templates for billing statements

It would be helpful to send messages regarding monthly and yearly billing statements to inform clients about their debits and credits.

Hey [Recipient Name],

Your latest statement is ready for viewing. Check it out here!

Message templates for billing reminders

Hello, [Recipient Name],

This is a reminder that your next payment is due on [date and time].

Please make a payment before it expires. Visit our payment portal at: [Payment link]

Message templates for payment confirmations

Thank you, [Recipient Name].

We’ve received your payment successfully.

Here’s your [invoice detail].

Message templates for order summaries

Hello [customer name],

Thank you for ordering from [store name], and your order is being processed.

You may also view your order status by clicking this link: [Order link]. Thank you!

Message templates for insurance

This is a reminder that your premium for [insurance_policy] will be scheduled for deduction.

Please ensure a sufficient balance in your account.

This amount will be charged to the credit card on file. No action is needed on your end.

Get more free WhatsApp message templates.

Remember that you can always copy and change various payment verifications and reminder messages to make them more personalized.


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