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Best WhatsApp Templates for Real Estate

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Do you know that you can close more real estate deals through WhatsApp?

With an increasing number of customer interactions on WhatsApp, who feel more confident about communicating with others, it’s no surprise that even real estate agents should move to WhatsApp marketing.

Using WhatsApp to streamline customer communication and close more deals online can be more efficient.

Sending a message to unlimited contacts can take time and effort. This is why you need a tool that helps you overcome these problems.

Here we’ve put the list of the 8 best WhatsApp message templates for real estate. Look at them. 👇

8 bet WhatsApp templates for real estate agents

Template for a welcome message

The first impression is the last; therefore, leaving a good first impression on the customer can effectively make users engage with the realtor. Sending greetings or warm welcome messages can improve the visitor’s experience.

Here’s a template that you can use:

Hello [Recipient Name],👋

Welcome to the WhatsApp group of [company’s name].

In this group, you’ll get the pictures of your dream houses, select your picture of your desired house, and get affordable quotes.

Message templates for inquiry responses

👋Hey [recipient name],

Thanks for your interest in buying a new home. We've sorted out the top 10 homes that will suit all your needs.

📞For any information, click the button below to book a call with us.

🔇If you signed up by mistake and don't want any messages,— reply STOP, and we will not send you any more messages.

Message templates for selling alerts

With a 98% WhatsApp message reading rate, it’s a great way to notify clients by sending messages about new viewings on their property.

Hi, [Recipient name]

I’ll have your home valuation ready in a few days.

How would you like to receive it?

Message template for listing highlights

👋Hey there!

I'm still looking for a house in location]. There is a great and economical listing near the place you liked last time. Want to meet to set up a viewing for you?

Click the button here to schedule the viewing and for other details.

I look forward to seeing you.

Button: Schedule my viewing now.

Message templates for buying alerts

Great news, [recipient name]!🤩

Your offer on [location] has been accepted!

You’re just one call away from your dream house. Are you free for a call today?

Message templates for promotion

Hey [recipient name],

We think that there are a few new listings similar to [location] that you might like.

Would you like me to send it over to you?

Message templates for reminders

Hi [Recipient name],

Thanks for showing your interest in property booking.

This is just a reminder that your viewing appointment at [location] at [date and time] has been confirmed!

Feel free to tell us if you want to reschedule it.

Message template for seller engagement

👋Hey there,

I’ll have your home valuation ready ASAP.

But before sending it over to you, I have a few quick questions, though. Can we talk for a minute?

Reply yes to this message, and I’ll call you within minutes.

Wrap up

These are free-to-use WhatsApp message templates for real estate agents. Remember you can easily select a template, customize and send it to contacts.

Are you looking for more message templates? Head over to our wide range of message template libraries so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every conversation with a customer!

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