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Best Fitness Message Templates

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If you are in the fitness industry, no wonder how important is WhatsApp marketing for your business. For customer communication and engagement, WhatsApp is a powerful tool.

Regularly sending messages and engaging with prospective customers can lead them into your final customers.

However, crafting a message from scratch and sending bulk messages at scale was never been easier. To speed up the work and cut down on manual tasks we have come up with a complete list of 8 WhatsApp fitness message templates that you may like.

Let’s dive into the deeper.

6 Best WhatsApp Message Templates for Fitness

Message template for Greetings

Hello [Recipient Name],

We are thrilled to welcome you to [Gym’s name] where our focus lies in getting you fit.

Make sure you've read your membership rules and then decide to get in!💪

For any queries, please click the below button.

Need Assistance

Message template gym class reminders

Hi, there! 👋

We're excited to meet you for the lag day today at 3 pm.

Reply if you’re coming in.

Never miss the class if you want to achieve your fitness goals.🎯

Message template for personal training offer

Hello [Recipient Name], 👋

Looking to achieve your fitness goals faster? 🎯

Our personalized training sessions are designed to help you reach your targets effectively.

Book your session today and get [Offer Details].

Message template for special offers

Hey [Recipient name],

Want to make your body fit and improve your health but don’t have the right guidance?

No worries, we are here for you!

We’re putting in extra effort to motivate you 🎯

Hurry, contact us today and avail this offer!

Contact Us

Message template for fitness challenge invitation:

Hi [Recipient Name],

Join our 30-day fitness challenge starting [Date].

This challenge includes daily workouts, nutrition tips, and motivation to help you stay on track. Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

Reply 'Challenge Accepted' to join!

Message template for gym membership renewal reminder

Hey [Recipient Name],

It’s sad to say that your gym membership expires on [Expiry date]. Would you like to renew it?

Please click on the button below to confirm.


Want more messaging templates?

These are free-to-use WhatsApp message templates for the fitness industry. If you're looking for more templates, check out our WhatsApp message template library.

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